I help Businesses with Digital Growth

Tired of marketing strategies that feel like soul-sucking chores?
Fed up with the echo chamber of cookie-cutter business models?

Alignment + Articulation = Growth

Vishnu Harshan


We ignite a love affair with you & your business, crafting strategies that resonate with your very essence..

With Vishnu Harshan’s expertise, say goodbye to the marketing grind and hello to effortless growth.


Unleash the potential of a business that thrives on authenticity. Learn to articulate your offer in multiple layers of awareness..

Attracting not just any customer, but the right ones, those who’ll champion your brand, obsessed with what you bring to the table.

How David grew Kailash Ashram by marketing online - Operating loss to profits!

Vishnu Harshan
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Vishnu Harshan

Who is Vishnu Harshan?

Vishnu Harshan is a marketing consultant with a decade of experience. He is renowned for helping entrepreneurs select business models and marketing strategies that align with their essence, so they no longer feel like they are working!

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