a little bit About Me

I was born and raised in beautiful Kerala, India, often known as the “gods own country.” I always had this knack for connecting with folks, you know, just being an extrovert! And as the years rolled on, that talent of mine just kept getting stronger, pushing me down the exciting path of becoming a passionate marketer.

My Personality Type - ENTJ

Extrovert & outgoing

Energized by social interaction & tend to openly express enthusiasm and excitement.

Intuitive & random

Imaginative and open-minded, focusing on hidden meanings and distant possibilities.

Thinking & logical

Focus on objectivity and rationality, putting effectiveness above social harmony.

Judging & decisive

Highly organized. Value clarity and prefer planning to spontaneity.


Hello, my name is Vishnu and..

I am a Passionate Marketer

I began my marketing journey at the young age of 18 with an MLM company and experienced some early success.

However, it was short-lived. Despite this setback, I discovered that I had a real passion for marketing (perhaps because I am an extrovert). Following my graduation in 2012, I pursued marketing as a career and relocated to Dubai.

As a crucial member of the start up team..

I oversaw all marketing efforts. This included managing marketing communications, generating leads, and converting those leads into actual sales. Throughout the process, I participated in numerous below-the-line (BTL) activities, such as the Sharjah book fair. Additionally, while establishing and managing the UAE branch of an education group, I gained valuable insight into the startup processes.

I Enjoy Learning..

In early 2020, I embarked on a journey of deepening my knowledge in Digital Marketing, driven by my unceasing passion for learning. I enthusiastically enrolled in multiple programs to gain a profound understanding of this ever-evolving industry.

My expertise..

Now revolves around empowering businesses in various critical areas, including brand building, lead generation, the art of crafting compelling Facebook and YouTube ad campaigns, the intricacies of Web development, and the strategic implementation of Marketing funnels

My goal is not only to boost sales of my customers but also to help them establish a commanding and enduring presence in the competitive world of online branding

If you’re finding navigating the complexities of marketing your business challenging, don’t hesitate to schedule a call with me. Sometimes, all you need is the right direction to set you on the path to success!
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