Encoded: Learning limited in Facebook ads

Learning limited in Facebook ads
Last updated: 24/11/2023

In the world of Facebook advertising, encountering the ‘Learning limited’ status can be a real pain in the neck.

It’s like hitting a speed bump on the digital marketing highway. But don’t freak out just yet..

This guide will walk you through the four phases of a Facebook ads campaign, with a special focus on understanding and tackling the ‘Learning limited’ phase.

The Four Phases of a Facebook Ads Campaign

1. The Review Phase

Learning limited in Facebook ads

Right out of the gate, every new Facebook ad enters the Review phase. Here, your ad is scrutinized for compliance with Facebook’s ad policies. It’s like a bouncer checking your ID before letting you into a club.

If your ad steps out of line (read: meta advertising standards), it gets bounced back for corrections.

2. The Learning Phase

Learning limited in Facebook ads

Once your ad passes the velvet rope, it enters the Learning phase. This is where Facebook’s algorithms start flexing their muscles, figuring out the best way to deliver your ad within your budget.

Think of it as a test drive, with the system learning the ropes of optimizing your ad’s performance.

3. The Active Phase

Learning limited in Facebook ads

Congratulations, your ad made it to the big leagues – the Active phase. This is where you can start scaling up your successful ads by upping the daily budget. 

But hold your horses; there’s a catch. Each ad set needs to deliver 50 optimized results per week to stay in this phase. It’s Facebook’s way of saying, “Show me you’re serious about this.”

4. The Learning Limited Phase

Learning limited in Facebook ads

And then, there’s the ‘Learning limited’ phase. It’s like hitting a snag. If your ad set doesn’t churn out those 50 leads a week, Facebook puts it in the ‘Learning limited’ doghouse.

It doesn’t mean your ad’s a lost cause, but it’s definitely a sign you need to tweak something.

Tackling 'Learning Limited' in Facebook Ads

So, you’ve hit the ‘Learning limited’ phase. Don’t throw in the towel just yet. The key here is to play around with your budget. If your lead costs $5, you need a daily budget of $30-$40 to keep the leads flowing. Remember, it’s all about hitting that 50 optimized events per week.

Testing and 'Learning Limited'

Here’s a curveball: your ad might hit ‘Learning limited’ during the testing phase. That’s normal. You’re just gathering data at this stage, so don’t go wild with the budget yet.

But if your ad shows promise, even in ‘Learning limited,’ consider boosting the budget to meet that weekly quota of 50 optimized results.

The Decision: To Pause or Not to Pause

When your campaign slips into ‘Learning limited,’ it’s decision time. If the ad is performing well, up your budget to get those 50 results per week. If it’s flopping, it’s time to rethink your strategy, offer, or even the entire campaign setup.

Real-World Example

Imagine selling a $100 product with a $20 daily ad budget. If your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is $10, but you’re only making 2 sales a day, you’re likely to hit ‘Learning limited.’

To keep up, you’d need to increase your budget to $80-$100 per day, allowing Facebook to pull off those 50 conversions a week.


Hitting ‘Learning limited’ in Facebook ads isn’t the end of the world. It’s a signal to adjust your sails. Whether it’s tweaking your budget, revamping your offer, or rethinking your audience targeting, there’s always a way to bounce back. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll navigate the choppy waters of Facebook advertising like a pro.

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