What is Meta Pixel? And How Can It Increase Your Sales?

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Last updated: 03/04/2024

Have you ever wondered about the connection between checking out a product on a random website and then seeing the same product ad after logging in to Facebook?

This is the power of Meta Pixel..

In this article, you will learn what a Meta Pixel is and how it can increase your business.

What is Meta Pixel? (formerly facebook pixel)

Meta pixel is a code developed by Facebook that can be installed on your website or landing page to track the effectiveness of your advertisements.

Earlier, Meta Pixel was known as Facebook Pixel, until Facebook officially changed their parent company name to Meta.

It enables you to test, refine, and target your ads accurately by tracking the individuals who have taken actions on your website.

If you have started or are planning to run ads on Facebook & Instagram, then Meta Pixel is an essential tool to know.

In other words, Facebook is aware of the activities within Facebook or Instagram because it is Meta’s property.

However, when it comes to your website or funnel, the property does not belong to them.

It belongs to you☝️

By placing the Meta Pixel on the website, you are informing Facebook about the actions of your customers who visit after clicking the ad.

Here’s an example. I recently Googled “How to take high-quality photos with an iPhone” and found the iPhone Photography Academy. 

Essentially, it caught my interest, but I got interrupted by a work notification before I could consider purchasing their course.

The next day, I saw their ad on Instagram asking me to sign up for the Academy.

The power of Pixel, right?

17 Standard Events you could make using Meta Pixel

Meta Pixel enables the creation of 17 standard events to monitor the actions of customers on your website.

As per Facebook, events refer to the actions taken by customers on your website.

For instance: When someone signs up, it is considered as a ‘Lead Event’

Here are the 17 Standard Events. 

  1. Add to Cart
  2. Initiate Checkout
  3. Lead
  4. Purchase
  5. Add Payment Info
  6. Add to Wishlist
  7. Complete Registration
  8. Contact
  9. Customize Product
  10. Donate
  11. Find Location
  12. Schedule
  13. Search
  14. Start Trial
  15. Submit Application
  16. Subscribe
  17. View Content

Furthermore, based on the nature of your business, you may select 4 or 5 events from the options listed above.

The top 4 events on the list are the most frequently utilized.

Custom Conversions

Custom Conversions in Facebook Ads are another way to utilize Meta Pixel to track and optimize specific actions taken on the website.

Unlike Standard Events, Custom Conversions allow for precise targeting by using URL rules.

In other words, you can create your own custom events.

This means you can monitor specific user behaviors, like visiting a certain page or completing a purchase, and then tailor your ads based on these actions.

This level of specificity aids in better ad optimization, ensuring that your campaigns are more effective and aligned with your specific marketing goals.

Power of Retargeting

Customers require multiple interactions with a brand before making a purchase.

Rarely do people buy something at first glance unless they have an urgent need for the product being offered.

This is why major brands consistently advertise across various media platforms.

Research shows that repeated exposure to a product or brand tends to increase our affinity towards it (known as the Mere Exposure Effect).

Also, Online customer attention is often fragmented.

They may be on the verge of making a purchase when they receive a notification from WhatsApp or become distracted by a visitor.

Therefore, it is advisable to implement a retargeting campaign once you have made 30 sales.

A Retargeting campaign can definitely persuade those who are undecided to make a purchase!

Now you understand the power of Retargeting.

Pro-tip, We always create a custom audience of people who interact with our ads in the last 120 days.

Because they showed somewhat interest in the product we are offering, we gladly retarget them to complete the purchase.

How can Meta Pixel increase Sales?

Pixel enables you to customize your ads for your target audience.

For example, if someone has visited your coaching program landing page but hasn’t signed up, you can create an ad with a special offer for them..

Or use a messenger campaign to direct them to your Facebook messenger and inquire about what is preventing them from joining the program.

After all, who doesn’t appreciate personalized attention?!

Another handy feature of Pixel is that you can segregate the customers based on their interaction with your website and run separate campaigns for each.

Moreover, it’s better to segregate in the following manner.

meta pixel

Instead of running a single ad campaign for everyone, create a separate product for each category and run different campaigns.

This tactic alone would increase your ROI (Return on Investment) by 70%.

In addition, to run a powerful Facebook ad campaign known as Conversion, you require Meta Pixel.

I suggest adding Meta Pixel to your website, even if you do not plan to run ads.

This way, the Pixel can collect all the necessary data for when you are ready to run ads in the future.

Creating different types of Custom audiences

You can create various custom audience types using Meta Pixel. Here are a few examples.

  • Signed up for your lead magnet.
  • Added a product to the cart but didn’t purchase.
  • Customers who registered for your event/webinar.
  • People who interacted with your Facebook page and didn’t order anything.
  • Who visited a specific page (Maybe your high ticket product page) on the website.
  • The People viewed 25, 50, 75, 95 percent of your advertisement videos
  • The customers who bought from you.
  • lookalike audience using seed data as purchase.
  • Who interacted with your ads.


In conclusion, if you are looking to establish your brand and a community around it on Facebook and Instagram, then Meta Pixel is a crucial tool.

However, there are numerous options with Meta Pixel.

The key is to have the determination and patience to discover what works best for you!

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